Top Three Short Monero Videos
By: UnAided Sage ©
May 13, 2018

            Do you recall Tim Williams, the spokesperson for the hotel travel chain, Viagio? He was supposed to allude sloppy-sexiness? Well, Mark Fidelman of Prime Chain has the authentic,  nondescript, metro cool vibe that the Viagio actor just could not convey. Fidelman makes eye contact and engages his audience directly. Here is a review of the Top Three Short Monero Videos, beginning with Fidelman’s as number one.

1. Why Monero is a Cryptocurrency Winner?

            This  three minute video, published in late April 2018 ranks number one. In less than one month, the video has garnered 13,282 views representing more than half of Fidelman’s 22,000 subscriber base. Why? His looks, confidence, and maybe, just what he has to say.  Fidelman starts the video by explaining the similarities of Monero with the plain greenback. Yes, that’s right. With one hard difference, anonymity. In this regard, it is the best video for explaining the privacy aspect of Monero. Fidelman says this feature alone ranks Monero leaps and bounds above the other cryptocurrency, Dash. As authoritative tables and charts of Monero performance metrics flash to the left of the viewer’s screen, Fidelman summarizes the key benefits of Monero, namely privacy. He warns of the threat of government intervention that could lower volume trades in the major exchanges. This might force a possible shut down of Monero. In closing, he considers Monero a strong buy and projects the cryptocurrency will reach $500 by next year

2. This is why Monero Will Surge in 2018

            The next best video introducing Monero and its benefits? A five-minute video produced by The Naughty Investor on December 18, 2017.  And this time, the viewer can not be enticed by looks. Naughty Investor stays off camera throughout and says that Monero is the “King of Privacy.” I guess he practices what he preaches. Anonymity is important in this business!  Projected onto the screen, is a major trading exchange platform depicting the historical stock price for Monero. Naughty Investor opines that while all ten cryptocurrencies have been bullish of late, he holds a particular regard for Monero. As proof, the positive average trend line steadily advancing upward helps to convince viewers of Monero’s promise as an investment. Naughty Investor actually projects the stock price to reach as high as $1,000 by yearend. On the downside though, the Naughty Investor attributes some of Monero’s gain in stock price, usage and volume to shady characters from the dark web. He estimates that these characters have dropped Bitcoin for privacy concerns and switched to Monero.   He identifies other possible users of Monero;  privacy advocates and those fearful of government intrusion and encroachment upon their civil liberties and constitutional rights

3. Monero: The Sleeping Giant of Cryptocurrency

            Finally, for techies and serious investors, this video is the best. It has amassed almost 40,000 views in five months. Covering a lot of ground, it lasts 12 minutes and is produced by Crypto Trends,  Twitter handle @CoinbetsMartin. The only bad part about the video posted to YouTube is the low audio volume.  Though the audio was weak (or maybe it’s me in need of a better sound system)  his argumentation was solid, as well as his references. He shared his investment strategy which involves emphasis on the investment risk to reward ratio, hold losses below 10 percent, and estimations of the probability of investment gains and losses. In closing, Crypto Trends projects that investments in Monero are likely to increase. He made a great plug for the Monero Sub-Reddit Team and its openness in answering investor and journalist questions.  Crypto Trends refers too, to the slogan, “King of Privacy” mentioned by The Naughty Investor. Crypto Trends took it a step further, however. He flashed the FBI Case No.1:17 at 00557 on the screen that related to the dark web investigation. Crypto Trends then proceeded to read aloud to the viewer, quotes by FBI agents indicating that they were able to trace a certain amount of Bitcoin, Etherum and ZCash transactions but they could not track Monero transactions. Is that an endorsement or not? Crypto Trends provides a brief review of Globee and the fact that the Monero community is self funded by its community of users. He concludes by mentioning the Panama Papers that publicized individuals and institutions holding funds in off-shore funds and the lack of privacy.  Unlike Naughty Investor who emphasized dirty money from suspect individuals, Crypto Trends speculated possible crossover from the market of wealthy individuals hoping to avoid (not evade) taxes to Monero could lead to its growth

            So that’s it. The top three short videos demonstrating Monero’s three top strengths: private, untraceable and fungible.  Thanks for your time and thanks for reading. Donate Monero's for this project here: